Thursday, April 21, 2011

Product Testing: John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight

So while I was in Chicago, I found out that my friend Aneesha has been doing the Brazilian hair straightening. Her hair looks AMAZING!!! She has naturally super curly hair, and now its straight (with a slight wave when she dries it but doesn't flat iron), glossy and so bouncy! Needless to say, its got me SERIOUSLY contemplating the same thing myself. I don't need it as much in the fall/winter, but the spring/summer humidity gives me some interesting hair days to say the least!!

Anyway, in the mean time, I've been testing the Frizz-Ease 3-day Straight (available at drugstores).

The claim: Transforms curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days (or until your next shampoo).
The process: Spray 7-15 times into wet or damp hair. Comb through to spread evenly. Blow dry straight, and flat iron for best results. 

So, I tested this twice. Once over my rainy Chicago weekend, and then when I got back to rainy Cleveland. The first time, I sprayed about 15 times, which ended up feeling like 5 sprays too many. My hair felt very tacky (but didn't look greasy), and I think it might have been just too much product. BUT, it held its straightness really really well, through a Chi-town downpour (I was under an umbrella), so in retrospect, maybe it was the right amount. The second time I tried it, I sprayed only about 10 times, and while it didn't feel as heavy on my hair, it did start to wave a little when I walked the dogs (it had stopped raining, but you could definitely feel the moisture in the air). 

Conclusion: It works. You should try it a couple of times to figure out how much product is right for your hair. You may also need to re-straighten if your bangs get damp, or if you sweat around your face, but it stays pretty smooth, even in the midst of some crazy Midwest rain!! If you're not quite willing to go all the way with the Brazilian treatment, or if you like changing up your hair, I recommend trying this product!!!

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Allison M. said...

I thank my dad for receiving his thick, straight hair. Although on the flip side, I wish my hair would curl too