Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tight Fight

As the temps drop, tights become an absolute necessity in every woman's wardrobe. Of course there are endless options to try, and I have tried a wide variety of them. A few weeks ago, I found myself in need of a pair of black tights, and instead of purchasing regular black ones, I decided to go with the SPANX Reversible Tights (black/navy, if you're curious).

And then last weekend, I found SPANX's less-expensive sister Assets (available at Target), who also offers a reversible option. So, in the name of research (and of course, you can't ever have too many tights), I decided to buy a pair of these too (black/grey).

So how do they stack up?
1. Price: The SPANX tights will run you about $34 vs. $13-15 for the Assets version, a little more than 50% savings.
2. Comfort: They are both really comfortable, but I will say that the SPANX are a little softer around the abdomen and hips, which is key when you're going to be wearing tights all day.
3. Overall look: The SPANX feel a little thicker especially around the abdomen and hips. The Assets version is more panty-hose-like on top than the SPANX, which I thought were like leggings with the all the SPANX sucking-in features we've come to know and love.

WINNER? Definitely SPANX, but if you don't wear tights a lot, the 50% price differential may not be worth it. The Assets brand is definitely a solid second choice!!

What's your favorite brand of tights? Do you have different preferences for "fun" tights vs. basics?


Tina said...

Soo...great minds think alike. I have the Spanx black/navy. Love them. I bought them at Nordstrom Rack for about $17 for the reversable...better than full price! The regular ones were $15 or so.

I think I also saw some Spanx at Marshalls the other day. It may have been a fluke, but worth checking out!

Southern Wine Trails said...

I have not splurged on Spanx yet, but having worn the Assets and the Kohl's version as well, I think I will give them a try. Still wanting something to keep it all tucked in and not show lines.

And yes, every girl needs tights in CLE winters.