Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading Room: Awkward Situations for Men

I love reading. Always have. I also read very fast, must to the frustration of a lot of people. I'm ALSO the type of person who (for a mystery book) will flip right to the end and read the last chapter. So sue me.

Now that I've started riding the bus to work, I've been reading a lot more, and am always on the lookout for a good book. My main criteria is this- IT MUST BE WELL WRITTEN. Otherwise, you will just hear me complain non-stop about the awful writing, and no one wants that. On occasion, I will read biographies and mysteries, but my favorite genre is chick-lit (I'm not embarrassed about this- I like to vegetate when I read). Now when I say chick-lit I don't mean boy-meets-girl-sweeps-her-off-her-feet-random-problem-breakup-get-back-together-live-happily-ever-after. No, I'm looking for a smart, sassy female, with a sense of humor, and some funny life situations. That is my ideal sort of book. Since I'm always looking for a good read, I will be blogging about books I'm reading with the hope that you will share some of your favorite books with me too!!

I recently finished Awkward Situations for Men, written by Danny Wallace (who is a very funny host on a British radio show). As the name suggests, Danny finds himself in these awkward situations, which he believes happen mostly to men. Danny lives in London, so the book is set there, and has some British humor, but overall, you don't have to "get" British humor to find this book funny. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Literally. I would burst out laughing on the bus ALL THE TIME. Which may be an awkward situation of its own, but that's another story...

PS. If you're in Cleveland this weekend, check out the 7th Annual Luau on the Lake on Saturday at Whiskey Island. I've never been to this event, but I've heard its a blast, and it benefits Shoes and Clothes for Kids so you could be having a great time supporting a great cause!! 

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Anonymous said...

'i love reading. always have. i also read very fast, much to the frustration of a lot of people.' --> could totally be describing me. huge reader myself. and am always looking for good books. so i look forward to seeing what books you share :)