Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Post

When 2014 rolled around, I had one goal-- to end the year with a different job than I started it. And I'm happy to report that in June of 2015, I succeeded!! That was also around the time my blog activity died way, way off, but it was worth it. I was getting in the swing of things in my new role, learning a lot, and finding my footing. Fast forward to 6 months later, and I feel really good about where I'm at, career-wise. I'm in a role that challenges me, I'm learning everyday, and I'm having a lot of fun! All said and done, goal achieved!!

So now its 2015, and I really only have two goals:
1. To get back in the swing of blogging: I missed it. I've missed you.

2. To become a spin instructor. And not just a "I'm licensed to teach", I mean a full fledged spin instructor who creates real playlists for other people to ride to. I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, that I absolutely cannot wait to get started. That said, I do have to wait a little bit for a training to be held and get going, so in the mean time, I'm just trying to ride 3x/week. You can usually find me at Harness at 6 am on Tuesday and Thursday, and once on the weekend, so maybe I will see you riding on a bike next to me?

Oh, and one more thing: on January 1st, I started a little series on Instagram called #100daysofsparkle, which is basically me posting pictures of the sparkly jewelry I wear everyday! Yes, it is very rare for me to be sans jewelry (sometimes I wear bracelets to spin), so if you do see me and I'm not wearing any jewelry at all, there is definitely something wrong with me! Anyway, I hope you will check it out-- I'm @cleshopaholic on Instagram as well!

Happy 2015 everyone!! Hope this year is exactly what you want it to be!

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