Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CLE Shops: Pure Okwuma

One of the things I forgot about puppies are their razor sharp claws. And Webster's claws really are like little daggers! Needless to say, my arms and legs were getting really scratched up, until I started using the recently launched Pure Okwuma body butter. 

Made from shea butter and cocoa butter, this body butter is 98% paraben, phthalate and sulfate free. It is fragranced with botanicals like basil, green tea, and bergamot, and honestly smells like fresh cut grass with a hint of citrus-- its like the essence of spring in a jar! You might think that the shea and cocao butters make this greasy, but it absorbs into your skin very easily, and keeps it soft for an impressively long time. And most important to me, this product is not tested on animals! Oh, did I mention it is also vegan?

I had an opportunity to speak with founder and CEO Kaylyn Danielle to learn a little bit more about how she came up with this product. Upon graduation from college, Kaylyn became interested in heathy lifestyles, the environment and social responsibility, and found that she had a hard time finding natural products for her skin and hair. After tinkering with some homemade concoctions, she came up with the unique mix of ingredients that make up Pure Okwuma, and the rest is the beginning of a whole new beauty adventure, founded right here in Cleveland! 

Pure Okwuma believes that people should feel alive and empowered in their skin: As Kaylyn says "I wanted to show people that there are many ways to be comfortable; not only in our skin, but in our willingness to relax and let go of all of the stories, labels and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves." So go ahead and try this new product, and get a little more comfortable with how amazing your skin will look and feel!

Disclosure: I was sent a 2oz container of Pure Okwuma body butter to test and share my thoughts via Things I Luuuuurve. As always, all opinions are 100% my own! 

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