Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playing hookie aka an afternoon well spent

Last Thursday, I took the afternoon off to go to the zoo and check out the elephant exhibit with my 1-year old nephew who was visiting for the week. N and I LUUUURRRVVVEEEE the zoo, and we end up visiting at least once a year, but it was definitely a different experience seeing it through the eyes of a curious, animal loving 1-year old!!

The elephant exhibit!!!

"A" really really REALLY wanted to get close to the animals, so.....

...Grandma took him on a camel ride!!! "A" really did love it, although you can't tell from this picture. Trust me, there was a lot of smiling and happy babbling. 

His gift from his shopaholic aunt!!! He picked it out all by himself!!

I highly recommend picking out a sunny weekday afternoon to play hookie from work to go visit the zoo. Even if you don't have a child, or niece or nephew, its so nice to get out of the office and go do something fun in the middle of the day for a change!!!


Bite Buff said...

We have a zoo membership (and no kids, hehehe) and I LOVE going to the zoo. We live only miles away, so waking up on a sunny Saturday morning just begs for us to go visit. It's one of my favorite warm-weather activities.

Indian Pharmacy said...

Elephants are an amazing animals. The first time that I watched one. I was amazed that how big it is.