Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Testing: Dust It

Back when I made my trip to Chi-town, my dear friend T introduced to me to a fabulous dry shampoo: dust it. Now I've used dry shampoo in the past, but its mainly been in the form of the foam, which takes out the shine and greasiness, but doesn't even come close to dry shampoo. Not only does dust it mattify and take away shine, but it also gives you incredible volume and hold when you dust it onto your roots. I usually dust some onto my bangs so that they don't get greasy, and then also when I work out at lunch.

All this may seem really mundane, but I really do have a point here: I've been talking about the Summer Solstice Party lately (can you tell I'm really excited about it?). I really want to try a fun, dramatic hairstyle that I wouldn't normally do: I'm thinking bouffant, just like they had on the runways this Spring, and I'm planning to use dust it to get the volume I need. I'm thinking something like this:

 What do you think? Too much???


Alana said...

you could totally rock that 'do.

T said...

Lurve it. Could you do this with the JS hair piece or would that be too much?

Allison M. said...

do it - you have the hair

viagra online said...

Sounds contradictory... but well funny i guess, i never hear about this shampoo but i want to see the bottle, thanks