Monday, May 7, 2012

Cleshopaholic Travels.... To Columbus

First things first- if you haven't entered the giveaway for the $25 gift certificate to dots, please do so here. They just had some new arrivals, including a cute colorblock dress  and this lace romper- both of which would be super cute at Sunset Grille or for one of the many summer festivals that begin next weekend!!

 N and I were in Columbus for a family wedding. It has been a long time since I was in Columbus, and since we were staying in the Arena district, I knew we were going to be visiting the Short North for sure!!
My overall impression of Short North is certainly a positive one- it reminds me a lot of Tremont and Ohio City (but with way more retail), and certainly a lot of Chicago's neighborhoods as well. Well done, Columbus!!

We followed Renee's recommendation and visited Northstar Cafe for Saturday brunch- I absolutely fell in love with this place. The atmosphere reminded me of a coffee shop I used to visit in college (I miss you, Buzz), but with the added bonus of really yummy food!

After brunch, we decided to walk it off by visiting some stores. There is a LOT of retail clustered together in this part of town, and while this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are my top 3 from this weekend!

1. Tigertree: 787 North High St. This store reminds me a lot of Urban Outfitters, in that its really well curated, and carries some really unusual stuff. 

2. le Chocoholique: 601 North High St. Honestly, this store makes me happy I don't live in Columbus. Why? Because I would be eating their salted caramel and salted toffee EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!! Wow. It is seriously so so so so good. And they also serve cocktails and desserts in addition to chocolate.

3. The Candle Lab: 646 North High St. I luuurrrvveeed these soy candles!! I didn't end up buying any because I'm really well stocked on candles, and I think N would smack me if I brought another into the house. That said, I really really really wish someone would carry their line (or at least part of it) in Cleveland. 

After some fun shopping, it was time to attend Bart and Erin's wedding. I'm not going to post many pictures from the wedding, but I did want to highlight Erin's beautiful dress- I really love the lace overlay that's popular with wedding dresses these day. Absolutely gorgeous!

The reception was hosted at a winery in Columbus-- lots of wine, lots of dancing, lots of fun family. Good times were had by all!!

N and I having fun with instagram


Green Dog Wine said...

Isn't Columbus just the greatest?!?! :) I have to check out that candle store! What was the name of the winery you were at?? I'm dying to check it otu!

cleshopaholic said...

GDW- I hope you're not liking Columbus TOO much! I might place a candle order with you some time. The winery was La Vecchia on Front St. The white is better than the red FYI.

P.S. Miss your face