Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Testing: Mascara's Brush-to-Brush

So I stopped into Sephora today to pick up a few things, and while I was there, I decided to try out two different mascaras that both claim to mimic false eyelashes.

The contestants:

Benefit They're real: $22 at Sephora

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes: $35 at Sephora

How to:  The Benefit mascara is just like a regular mascara, except with a special formula and special brush. But as such, you just put it on like you put on any other mascara, wiggling your wand as you make your way up your lashes.  The Too Faced mascara is the three step process: apply mascara, then apply the white nylon fibers, then apply mascara again.

The claim: both claim to make your lashes look as thick and long as falsies

The verdict: 

The eye on the left has the Benefit product, and the eye on the right has the Too Faced product. Please ignore the dark circles under my eye- I'm not wearing concealer

So, I will preface my verdict by saying that I was using the Sephora mascara wands, so any impact from wand design was negated. As you can see, both eyes look pretty comparable- a nice improvement in length and thickness overall, but nowhere near sticking on falsies. In the end, I ended up buying the Benefit They're Real because I liked the feel of it way better. The Too Faced felt very tacky, and even now, I feel like my top and bottom lashes are going to stick together on that eye.

So there you have it: Great products if you're looking for thicker, longer lashes, but they won't replace your falsies!

Have you tried either of these mascaras? What did you think? Do you have another brand that's your favorite? 


kimi said...

I've been using 'they're real' for about 6 months and just got the too faced system about a week ago. I like both. I am digging the too faced a lot. It's taken me a few times to get it to really look good. Definitely not falsie quality but I like it!

CLEshopaholic said...

Thanks for posting Kimi- I was thinking of you as I tried on the Too Faced and wondered how you liked it!