Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cleshopaholic Travels: Singapore

The air conditioning is on the fritz. Which means that its 82F in our house. Combined with the humidity, it means thats temperatures are very much like those in Singapore. N and I were in Singapore as part of our awesome vacation in April, to celebrate my Mom's birthday. She has always wanted to have a Singapore Sling at the legendary Long Bar at the  Raffles Hotel, so that is exactly what we did.

The inner courtyard

The Long Bar at Raffles. I love the old school fans. But they did nothing for the heat, if I'm being perfectly honest. 

Two of my favorite buildings in Singapore. I just love all the colors in the one on the left, and the one on the right reminds me of something I would see in The Great Gatsby (watched it in 3D and LOVED it!! It was absolutely gorgeous)

One of the nights we enjoyed dinner at Clarke Quay Singapore-- its a densely packed area with restaurants and bars. Sorta like a lifestyle center with restaurants. It was really nice to eat on the water. I really wish we had more lakefront restaurants in Cleveland....

Our hotel in Singapore. 

N and I took my parents to brunch at Sky 57 at the Marina Bay Sands to celebrate my Mom's birthday. As you can see, the views were absolutely incredible!! The next time we visit Singapore, I definitely want to spend at least one night at the Marina Bay Sands so I can hang out at this AWESOME infinity pool!!! 

So one of the places I loved most in Singapore was the Louis Vuitton store at the Marina Bay Sands. Not only does it have incredible views (top right), it is actually built IN the harbor, so part of the store is underwater. There is even a dock around the side, you know, just in case you want to dock your yacht and go shopping!!! There is a LOT of high end shopping in Singapore-- I counted at least 4 Cartier Stores and Louis Vuitton stores, but I'm fairly certain there were a lot more. 

If you do visit Singapore, I highly recommend getting a hotel room with a harbor view-- as you can see, amazing views at day and night!

Overall, I really really enjoyed Singapore. It is incredibly clean, almost disturbingly so for a city of its size, but its nice to be able to walk around and not have to worry about dodging dog poop and potholes.  Singapore's laws actually make it quite difficult and EXTREMELY expensive to own a car, and the public transport system is extremely efficient, comfortable and in no short supply.

So if you end up way on the East side of the world, I highly recommend a stop in Singapore.  You can hit most of the big sights in 3 days, and its definitely worth a quick stop!!

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Bite Buff said...

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like an amazing trip. But welcome back.