Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I LURVE: beats

So one of my last posts before I went on hiatus talked about how I wanted these Frends headphones. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to opening my mail from vacation, and happened to stumble upon a United Mileage Plus catalog that happened to feature Beats by Dre. Coincidentally, I had happened to test them out at Target just a few days prior. I mean, if that's not the universe speaking, I don't know what is....

Not one to turn down a sign that obvious, I ordered them. A week later, these beauties arrived at my doorstep.

You might notice I went with purple instead of white--- very simple reason: makeup. I absolutely LUUUURVE these headphones! They are everything they are hyped to be, and on the occasions I have to go back to my earbuds (workouts), I'm actually a little bummed. The new line by Beats has these in neon colors (also available at Target) and they are really really cute. Best of all, if you use miles  through your airline's mileage program (assuming they offer these), THEY ARE FREE (essentially)!!! And really, who doesn't love free?!

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