Monday, August 20, 2012

And the winner of the Madewell contest is...

Unfortunately I have a busted modem and am sans Internet at home. Boooooo!!

From the number of entries, it appears that you are as excited about Madewell as I am!! Thank you all so much for entering!!
That said, the winner of a $100 gift certificate as chosen by is.....


Alicia please email me at and I will send you instructions on how to get your gift card!!  Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Listening Now: Paloma Faith

If you haven't entered the $100 Madewell contest, you should definitely do that here. Remember that you can tweet and post on facebook every day for additional entries. Don't forget to leave your email so I can get a hold of you!! 

If you flipped through the August issue of any of the major fashion magazines, chances are you saw her looking back at you

Who is she, you might ask... Well, she is Paloma Faith, British singer-songwriter who was compared to Adele in one of these magazines. I think the Adele comparison is taking it a bit too far- I don't think she has quite the voice of Adele or Florence Welch or Amy Winehouse but she is very enjoyable nonetheless: I would compare her more to Duffy (remember her of 'Mercy' fame?).

Her album is due in the U.S. sometime later this year, but it is available as an import via amazon. One of my FAVORITE songs off her new album is called Picking Up the Pieces, and is also available for download.  ENJOY!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Madewell and an AWESOME giveaway!!!

If you're a fan of J. Crew, then perhaps you've heard of its sister brand, Madewell. Madewell has a more casual look than J. Crew, and while it does many things well, it is probably best know for its denim. Lucky for  us Clevelanders, the Madewell stores opened at Beachwood Place on August 1st, and I stopped by a few days after the grand opening in the name of, umm, research (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The store is on the second floor, sorta close to J. Crew. I can't remember what store used to be there, but I think it used to be Metropark.

I walked in the store and immediately spotted at least 10 things that I wanted. Top on the list are the black boots pictured in the window above. They retail for about $300 and are the most sumptuous leather I have ever felt in a boot. They're made it Italy, naturally...

I also fell totally in love with a couple of necklaces, a few adorable scarves, and a silver sparkly cardi.

I walked through the store taking mental notes of all the things I was going to add to my Amazon wishlist (which, btw, you can use for things not sold on Amazon as well- highly recommend you use it and keep it updated for anyone looking to gift you something LOL), and yet resisted buying anything (I was trying to be disciplined). This worked pretty well, until I brushed my hand across a pair of jeans. One touch of the blue, soft, rail-straight fabric and my resolve FELL TO PIECES!!! I'm only human, and those jeans were just waaaaayyyy to much temptation. AND, with a price point of $98.50, they were just too good a deal to pass up!!!

Madewell:1; My resolve: 0

Here comes my favorite part of this post-- Not wanting to leave my readers out of the experience of these jeans (which I have worn almost every day over the past week), thanks to Madewell, I'm giving away a $100 giftcard to Madewell, to use on whatever you like at the store!!!!

Here's how you enter (each gets you 1 entry):
1. Leave me a comment letting me know of your one must-have item for fall
2. Tweet about the contest and link back to this post (please make sure you mention me @cleshopaholic in the post)-- you can do this once a day for more entries
3. Post a link to this post on your facebook page (and please leave me a comment saying you did so)-- you can do this once a day for more entries as well

Contest ends at 9:00 pm on Sunday August 19th, with a random winner picked and announced August 20th.

Madewell is also hosting an in-store event on Thursday August 16th, featuring a Madewell stylist to help you pick your outfit!! AND, if you bring in a pair of gently worn jeans for donation, you will receive 20% off a new pair of jeans!!!! But wait, there's more: starting at 6 pm, if you're one of the first 100 guests to stop by guest services at Beachwood Place, you will receive a $10 giftcard to Madewell.

You know where I'll be (donating my old jeans) on the 16th, I hope I see you there too!!! Good luck to all who enter!!!

Disclosure: Madewell is providing the $100 gift card for the giveaway. All other opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own!! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Listening Now: The August playlist

No need to send out a search party!! I'm still here; just been busy with both work and my social life, neither of which are reasons to complain! I will post about some of what I've been up to over the next week, but I wanted to share my August playlist with you today! I have been listening to this playlist multiple times a day over the past week, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!
(As usual, its song name- artist)

1. The King and All of His Men- Wolfgang. I fell in love with this song the very first time I listened to it.

2. Satellite- The Wanted. My love for the Wanted is well documented.

3. Runaways- The Killers. This is new by the Killers, and makes me very excited for their new album. I've seen them twice in concert; Brandon Flowers was very shy with the audience both times.

4. Settle Down- No Doubt. Can't wait for this album!!! Gwen is AMAZING and they are SO FUN live!!!!

5. Promises- Nero.  Had this in my library for a long time; not sure why I waited so long to put it into a playlist!

6. What Girls Are Made Of- Garbage. LOVE LOVE LOVE Shirley Manson. This is from their new album.

7. Sleep Alone- Two Door Cinema Club. I've said this many many times, and I will say it again- if you have an opportunity to see them live, DON'T MISS IT!! This is from their upcoming album, due September!

8. Back to Back- Wolfgang (again).

9. Warrior- Kimbra.  I like this song, with its slight 80s vibe

10. All About Tonight- Pixie Lott. Ok, I love that her name is Pixie. File this under my shameless love for Brit-pop

11. Like a Prayer- Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. Allison and I are going to see her live in December (House of Blues CLE), and I CANNOT WAIT. She was so so SO good last year!!!

12. Sunday Drive- Ladyhawke. I really enjoy this band. Their album was available for $5 on Amazon a few weeks ago, so you may want to check to see if the deal is still available.

13. Sexual Healing- Maxamillion. So, I first heard this version of the song over 10 years ago- I was visiting my grandparents in London, and this was used in a car commercial. As you can tell, I absolutely fell in love with it!!

14. Call my name- Cheryl Cole. This is the Cheryl Cole who had a brief (blink and you missed it) appearance on the US X Factor. She was using that series as a launching pad for her US debut, but that isn't happening any time soon. Its a shame-- more shameless Brit-pop love.

15. Let the Sun Shine- Labrinth. I searched high and low for this album and had to order it used on Amazon. I first heard this song in the middle of winter 2010/2011, and it made me happy on those VERY grey days.

16. Spectrum (Say my name) - Florence + the Machine, feat Calvin Harris. OMG. I cannot even begin to tell you how AWESOME she was live at Nautica. This mix with Calvin Harris is just.too.much.

As you can see, a long playlist, but well worth the downloads!!