Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Listening Now: 90's Throwback Playlist

This past weekend, Nick and I met up with Wes and Danielle  at The Flying Monkey for some drinks. Flying Monkey has a TouchTunes jukebox, and I have the TouchTunes app-- the perfect combo for a 90s throwback night.

The playlist (and we were kinda monopolizing the jukebox here-- sorry) included the following:
1. Kiss - Prince
2. The Sign - Ace of Base
3. Tennessee - Arrested Development
4. Boombastic - Shaggy
5. It's Tricky - Run DMC
6. I Got 5 On It - Luniz
7. Too Close - Next
8. Return of the Mack - Mark Morrisson
9. Pony - Ginuwine
10. This is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
11. Whoomp! (There It Is) - Tag Team
12. Regulate - Warren G
13. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss - P.M. Dawn
14. Push It - Salt-N-Pepa
15. Ditty - Paperboy
16. Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio

Yeah, we were there a while…..

Anyway, if 90's music is your thing, on May 3, 2014, MOCA is hosting a 90/90s Gay Games Dance Party to celebrate the 90 day countdown to the 2014 Gay Games! More information including a link to purchase tickets available here! I will definitely be there with my dancing shoes on!!

What are some of your favorite jukebox tunes? Please share!! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rock the CATWALK (And a Giveaway)

One of the things I love MOST about Cleveland is how easy it is to get involved in the community- from volunteering for various organizations or joining a board, or being a part of a community development group-- the opportunities exist for anyone who wants to give back and get involved. If you don't have the time available to commit to something on a regular schedule, there is always the option to give back merely by attending a FABULOUS, FUN event. Rock the CATWALK is exactly one such event.

Hosted by The Women's Leadership Council of United Way of Greater Cleveland, this event is a fashion show, showcasing next season's hottest fashions from local boutiques and designers. Not only that, but the event also includes cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and a silent auction with the opportunity to bid on items such as a Vitamix (and we all know how much I LURVE mine), A Gibson guitar, 12x$100 gift cards to Cleveland area restaurants, vacation packages to warmer climes, and the list continues…. And just in case this wasn't enough, it is being held at one of my most FAVORITE spots in Cleveland- the Atrium at Cleveland Museum of Art. If you're interested in being a part of this event, here are the details:

When: Thursday May 1, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Where: Cleveland Museum of Art
How: Tickets available here 

If you would like to take a look at some pictures from last year's event attended by over 450 people, you can do so here.

Now for the REALLY fun part. You could win TWO general admission tickets to the event by tweeting the following:
"I want to win tickets to Rock the CATWALK @UnitedWayCLE via @cleshopaholic http://goo.gl/LBt011 #UnitedForFashion" 

You may tweet once a day for additional entries!

Follow @UnitedWayCLE and leave me a comment saying you did so for one additional entry. Please make sure you leave your contact info (email/twitter handle etc) so I can reach you in the event you are picked as the winner.

Seriously, what could be more fun than giving back with fashion?! Good luck to all who enter!!! Contest ends at midnight March 30th, 2014, with the winner announced March 31st, 2014. 

Disclosure: I am receiving a pair of tickets to attend Rock the CATWALK and blog about the event. I have also received a pair of tickets to giveaway to a reader. As always, all opinions are 100% my own! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Roasts Cleveland's Winter

This winter has been BRUTAL. I'm hoping this stretch of "warm" (above 30s during the day) means that the big freeze is finally over and that we will smoothly transition into Spring. That said, as you read this, I'm in sunny Riviera Maya, where it is a balmy 85!! But instead of leaving you with nothing to read, today's post comes courtesy of Josh Womack from Laugh Staff. Operating out of Shaker LaunchHouse, Laugh Staff provides an incredible service for anyone in need of a funny speech-- using 12 comedians from across the country (3 in Cleveland), Laugh Staff will help you write the perfect Best Man or Maid of Honor speech that hits just the right mix of hilarity and heartfelt sentiment. Here's some local press about them. 

So without much further ado, here's Josh-

(Clinking Glass) 
Excuse me, Hi….thank you everyone for being here tonight….WOW, I see a lot of familiar faces in the room: Jeff Tanchak from 19 Action News…. Betsy Kling from WKYC and are extremely old buddy from Fox 8 Dick Goddard….Dick, how you’re still vertical is beyond me….Betsy, you look dashing… and Jeff you look like you just fell out of frat house…honest, fair, everywhere….that’s JT for ya…
My name is Spring and it’s a pleasure to roast, I mean toast, The 2013/2014 Cleveland Winter….you really did a number on us didn’t you! You made pipes burst, cars slide and single handedly destroyed the education of many youths in Cuyahoga County….just when the Cleveland metropolitan school district was already on life support, you had to kick ‘em when they were down….I think when it’s all said and done most Cleveland schools will have had 12 or 13 snow days this year….those are priceless education times that we’ll never get back….oh well, our Cuyahoga County youth will one day find work at Christie’s or the DMV all because you shut everything down…..
It was cold. REALLY cold….my nipples could have cut wood and most days I couldn’t feel my fingers along with my soul….I would warm my car up at 11:00 P.M. just so it could be warmed up by 7:00 A.M. when I left for work…..The plows and salt trucks were around this year oh yeah, but they were around much like 2013 Browns offense: Bursts of greatness here and there most of the time nowhere to be seen….
January and February were rough…like Chris Brown and Rhianna rough….I remember when it was -7 degrees one day in February and ironically I was listening to the Eagles ‘Hell Freezes Over’….when it’s this cold and snowy nobody wants to do ANYTHING. Most days I wanted to crawl in a pothole on West 117th and not come out until St. Patrick’s Day….Martin Luther King Day deserved better too……it’s bad enough that his street here primarily runs through the ghetto. Mr. King deserved to have it at least 45 degrees with patches of sun here and there…..
Cleveland Winter don’t think that your little glimpses of sunlight are fooling us either….Sunlight in Cleveland offers the same optimism as a dead beat dad….sure every now and then you come around for a weekend but we know you’re not permanent….you always run off to someone of some place hotter and then leave us weak, hurt and angry….
I do have to say that even though I have bashing you up here I have to say that as your best man it is my job to offer hope and faith. I am spring and I will be here soon….you will feel me on the Panini’s patio and you will embrace me on Indians Opening Day. Once it gets to 50 degrees you’ll see the soccer moms in Strongsville and Independence desperately trying to sunbathe in the front yard…
Spring is around the corner….Winter, your days are numbered.

Follow @joshuawomack82 on twitter and follow his company @laughstaff too.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Listening Now: My Love

I'm a little late with this, but I want to leave you, my loves, with this- one of my very favorite songs right now…


Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Weigh In and my favorite Oscar Dresses

Ugh. This week's weigh in is disappointing, and I'm blaming it partially on Suzanne and her sugar-filled Oscar's Red Carpet party. I really ate an obscene amount of hot fries, brown butter rice krispie treats and sour patch kids, and consequently, the scale came in at 150.0 lbs this morning. Woof. Although nothing some serious water, green tea, clean eating and a workout can't fix. The lesson here is: an unhealthy night can cause a weight swing of 2-4 lbs, but its nothing to worry about as long as you account for it in the days that follow.

Anyway, the goal of last night's party was to discuss the Red Carpet, and these were my top 2 dresses:

(pics via Just Jared)

I also really loved Kerry Washington's dress, but in retrospect, I do agree with other commenters that the bottom of her dress needed a good steaming.

Any thoughts on Oscar fashions?