Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sublime Friday?

So, last week, N won tickets to see Sublime (the new Sublime, I guess) this past Friday, courtesy I'm not a huge Sublime fan, but I do enjoy their music, and so I went. The opening act was really fun, and then Sublime came on. And they were pretty good too, obviously not the same, but pretty good nonetheless. About a third of the way through the concert, wierd things started to happen. Now, I could recap, but I think my tweets (@cleshopaholic) say it all:

Omg, just saw a guy wearing bedazzled jeans. I don't even know what to say.

7:37 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPhone
I didn't notice before, but bedazzled jeans guy is also wearing a bedazzled shirt. He's here with his gf, who's shockingly not sparkly.

7:50 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPhone

GROSSSSS!!! some kid just barfed his brains out. Handle your sh** kid!!!!

8:46 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPhone

(The kid then tried to convince the staff that it was in fact NOT him that barfed, and was then promptly escorted out. At this point, N and I decided to move away from the crowd; there were a lot of people that were starting to turn interesting shades of green. So we moved over to the side, by the water, and then...)

Aaaand someone just got busted for underage drinking and another one is getting handcuffed!! WTF where am I?!?! I am too old for this.

8:49 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPhone

Omg handcuffed kid has like 10 fake Ids. I think one of the undercover cops actually applauded. #definitelytoooldforthis

8:55 PM Sep 10th via Twitter for iPhone

How's that for an interesting Friday night?!?!

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