Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mumbai Day 0

So about 24 hours after my last post,I'm finally in Mumbai and unpacked. There's nothing like spending time on a plane with a kid throwing a tantrum and then proceeding to speak in a very very LOUD voice to convince me that I am in fact, NOT AT ALL READY TO HAVE KIDS! Luckily, my flight was fairly uneventful other than the periodic child-tantrum interruptions, and I watched a couple of totally light silly romantic comedies, Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, and Valentine's Day (what can I say, I can't resist a Bradley Cooper movie).

As you walk off the plane at Mumbai, you're first hit with a waft of heat and humidity and an unmistakable Mumbai smell. Its a split-second thing before you're back in the cool arms of airconditioning, but it always reminds me that I'm back. One tip: if you're flying to Mumbai, don't bother buying Duty Free at your origin. Once you're past customs, you literally have to WALK THROUGH the Duty Free shop to get to baggage claim, and you're permitted to buy stuff there to take out of the airport. Just make sure you save your boarding pass. I picked up my two bottles of Jameson (for my dad) and was off to baggage claim, where of course, my bag was THE LAST ONE on the belt.

I always enjoy the drive from the airport to my parent's place. Like much of India, Mumbai is in the midst of a construction boom (and has been for the past 5 or more years), so every time I'm here the city looks different, especially at night. So as I try and get some sleep and hopefully get over this impending jet lag quickly, I leave you with this, my first pic in Mumbai, of the sea-link bridge that connects one part of the city to the other, literally over the Arabian Sea.

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