Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mumbai Day 2

Saturday was a particularly dreary day in Mumbai- it rained on and off all day, and as a result, I didn't end up taking any pictures. The day began with a quick trip to the mall- I saw an absolutely darling pair of animal print flats at Charles & Keith, but sadly, I was the wrong size and they didn't end up coming home with me. I did however, pick up this little piece at Cheemo for the equivalent of $34. 

An interesting note about shopping in Mumbai- if you're looking for apparel and some shoe brands, you will find a number on international brands like Zara or Mango. However, the price differential is the exchange rate plus some, so you're much better off buying clothing in the U.S., unless you're looking at Indian or Indian-inspired clothing, in which case you should certainly shop your heart out. Also, if you're looking for leather goods, or even "vegan" (read: pleather) handbags, jewelry, and scarves, this is the place to shop for excellent quality at a very reasonable price. Now you're not going to find brands that you're familiar with, but you will find very unique pieces that you're HIGHLY unlikely to see on anyone else in Cleveland (or the rest of the U.S. for that matter).

Saturday evening, my mom (who is an EXCELLENT cook btw) was hosting family for dinner, so in preparation, I went ahead and got a blow-out, that cost a whopping $12 (tip included). It was a great blowout, but sadly Mother Nature won the day with her CRAZY humidity and my hair starting curling a half hour later. Seriously, I don't know what I did with my hair when I lived here full time!!! I definitely didn't have bangs (now I remember why), and I think for the most part I just didn't fight it and let it do whatever it pleased.

Its Sunday now as you read this (Mumbai is 9.5 hours ahead), and I'm hoping for some sunshine today. I don't have anything planned for the day, but I'm fairly certain I'm meeting up with friends tonight! I'll keep you posted!!


Allison M. said...

Love the updates!

Alana said...

$12?! that's a great deal!

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