Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rules for successful dress shopping

For those of you attending Jump Back Ball next weekend, I really hope you already have your dress! However, if you don't, and are planning to go dress shopping this weekend, I have some tips to help you have a greater shot at success! (And really. these rule apply to all dress and jean shopping occasions).

So here goes:
1. No salt, sugar, carbs or alcohol for 24 hours prior to your shopping excursion. If you're allergic to dairy, avoid this as well. This is crucial. Consuming these items will result in bloating, which in turn means your will likely feel like crap and consequently hate everything.
2. Drink green tea for a few hours before your excursion. This will help with any inadvertent bloat, and may help you go potty (something about the warm fluids and your digestive system. I'm not making this up- its ancient Indian wisdom. For real).
3.  Wear your Spanx. Look, let's be honest- we all have parts of our body that we feel could use some work, and for most women its their tummy/hips. Spanx help smooth the jiggle. Don't fight it. If it works on the Hollywood red carpet, it works on YOUR red carpet. Embrace your Spanx. And then take them off the minute you get home.
4.  Do your hair and makeup. You may be feeling lazy on a Saturday/Sunday morning, but DO NOT miss this step. 90% of dressing rooms have terrible lighting and result in shadows, particularly on your face. If you go make-up free, you will end up focussing on your dark circles and splotchy skin and hate everything you try on.
5. TRY STUFF ON!! If you're not comfortable trying stuff on in the aforementioned poorly lit changing room, check the stores return policy and take them home to try on. Make sure you leave all the tags in and keep your receipts so you can return things appropriately. AND, make sure you try at least one item you wouldn't normally try. Step outside your comfort zone. You never know what you may find.

My 6th tip is optional: Personally, I prefer to shop alone. However, if you're the kind of person who likes to shop with other people, make sure you take a friend who will be HONEST with you. Don't take Yes-men/women. You need honesty. And, if all else fails, just email me pics at I promise to respond.

Well, there you have it! Happy Shopping!!!!


Allison M. said...

Yes! This totally paid off for Sunday, thanks for helping me choose the dress!

Cheryl Leahy said...

AGREE on all points! I also say wear a convertible bra so you can get the idea of what your dress would look like without straps if needed.

CLEshopaholic said...

CJ- the convertible bra is a great tip!! I had forgotten about that!