Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Awesome Weekend (part 2) aka The Night Donnie Wahlberg became my favorite New Kid

... The Package!!

And what a concert it was... Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and of course, the inimitable NKOTB. And the Q got LOUD. As in louder than the Cavs playoffs games, when LeBron was still around. Kelly, Allison and I were in the FOURTH ROW!! By far, the best concert seats I have EVER had!

At 7:30 pm sharp, the lights went down, and Boyz II Men took the stage. They played a short and sweet set, of which my personal favorite was I'll Make Love To You, serenaded to a crowd of screaming women, while faux rose petals rained down on the arena from the rafters. Oh yes, there was even a rose ceremony.

They absolutely did NOT disappoint... the coordinated white outfits, the emphatic finger waving, the sweet sweet 90s dance moves... and they still sound REALLY REALLY good.

Up next was probably the weakest act of the evening- 98 Degrees. To be honest, I was never a 98 Degrees fan girl, even in their heyday. I guess power ballads don't really do much for me. Still, they put on an entertaining show. My favorite part was when they brought four ladies up on stage and sang to them. There was one woman who was absolutely ADORABLE!! With her curly hair and glasses, she looked alternately terrified and completely exhilarated to be there! I'm sure it was a night she will never ever forget, and I really hope that someone was taking video so she can have that memory forever!!!

The lights went down once again, and after a short break, out came the main act... NKOTB!! I cannot even describe the screams that this band elicits--- I mean, it was nothing short of absolutely deafening at points. The "Kids" still look really really good, and even though the youngest (Joey McIntyre) is 40, they are in really good shape. How do I know? Not only did they dance their asses off, but they also lifted their shirts MULTIPLE times, so show off their incredible abs.

Joey McIntyre


We Own Tonight (on their new album "10")

They played a mix of new and old songs, and with Donnie Walhberg whipping the crowd up into an absolute frenzy, there was no shortage of screaming and singing along. At one point, Donnie totally made out with a woman in the audience. NO LIE!!

One of my favorite parts of the concert was their cover of Prince's Kiss...

I mean, seriously?! I will say, there was definitely a LOT of hip thrusting....

Jordan Knight

Just when I thought the concert couldn't get any better, they dispersed into the crowd for Tonight. Donnie LITERALLY walked RIGHT behind me!! Here's video evidence...

 He then proceeded to be totally awesome, although I'm pretty sure he drank a fan's beer...

As the song ended, and he made his way back to the stage....it happened.

As he walked by, our eyes met for a millisecond, and... HE TOUCHED MY HAND. The three middle fingers on my right hand, to be precise. And that was it. THAT was the moment Donnie Wahlberg became my favorite New Kid On The Block. Every boyband fantasy I ever had as a teen came true in that very moment.

And then, after an incredible two hours, with Hanging Tough, it was over.

In the light of day, and with the memory of an incredible evening, I ponied up my $9.99 to buy the new album, and have been listening to it on repeat ever since.  DAMN YOU DONNIE AND YOUR WASHBOARD ABS, YOU HAVE ME BRAINWASHED!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why the boybands from the 80s and 90s continue to tour. I'm pretty sure they don't need the money... maybe its because they still have fun doing it (NKOTB always look like they're having an absolute BLAST on stage).... maybe its because they like knowing they can still pack an arena with 95% screaming female fans.... maybe its because they like tugging at those nostalgic strings, knowing that their fans now have way more disposable income.... either way, to them I say "well played, Gentlemen... well played."



Heather said...

This made me laugh out loud - because I would have reacted EXACTLY the same. :)
Next time I'm going with you!

Alana said...

you girls crack me up :)

Fizzgig said...

oh, wait....donnie is your fave? I'm sorry to tell you he is promised to me! there is nothing like seeing your teenage crushes as adults, it's so much fun to relive all those memories!