Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things I Lurve: Next Issue

I luuuuuuurrrrrrrve magazines. Much to N's chagrin, a number of them arrive at our home each month. Right before I went on vacation, I learned about Next Issue- a monthly subscription magazine service that gives you electronic access to some of the post popular U.S. magazines for download on your iPad or other tablet device.

You can get your pick from 84 titles for $9.99 a month which includes magazines like Allure, Details, Cooking Light, Elle, Fitness, Bazaar, Instyle, Lucky, Marie Claire, Saveur and Self, to name a few. If you upgrade to the Premium service you can add weekly titles like People, New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly too! Now, it doesn't have every U.S. magazine title, but since it includes most of the titles I subscribe to anyway, I see it as a great value for money.

Even with all the subscription discounts from the actual paper products, I consume well over $14.99 in magazines (although I don't have a subscription to any of the weeklies, as much as I enjoy them). In addition to the savings, there is the real benefit of being environmentally friendly by avoiding paper, and not having to carry heavy magazines everywhere; not to mention not having a spouse who is annoyed by magazines covering every surface! On the downside, you can't exactly tear out pages from the magazines, but I've found that I end up never looking at them again anyway (at least not from the fashion magazines), so that's not a huge loss for me.

Have you given Next Issue a shot? They offer a free 30-day trial... will you try it?

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Next Issue whatsoever. I just happen to be a fan of the product!! 

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All Lacquered Up said...

NextIssue is the business! I started using it last year to read my Entertainment Weekly subscription (Frank kept taking the paper version) but I'm on the unlimited plan right now and I love, love, love it! No more lugging a bunch of mags when I travel. Genius!