Thursday, February 19, 2015

CLE Eats: Local West

Earlier this week, Nick and I stopped in to check out the Detroit Shoreway's newest addition: Local West. Open just a few days, Local West is so brand spankin' new that it doesn't even have a website yet, but they do have a nice selection of sandwiches.

The old space was a Greek fast-food type restaurant, complete with drive-through. The owners of Local West have transformed the space-- it doesn't even look like it was ever a drive-through type restaurant! Lots of wood and aluminum lend the space a modern feel. There are a few private tables, and one long communal table at the center.

The menu is displayed on the wall (and yes, they offer wine and beer), you order at the counter, and they call your name when your sandwich is ready.

There are about 11 burgers on the menu (cooked to order), 7 sandwich options, and then some chicken options as well as some signature dishes, salads and pita pizzas, and a nice selection of sides. If you're vegetarian, your options include the portabello mushroom sandwich, grilled cheese, the salads, 2 pita pizza options, and perhaps even the portobello burger (although I'm not sure if its meat + portobello? I didn't ask). Pescatarians, you also have the option of a salmon BLT and the signature octopus dish.

Nick and I tried The Roman, and while it took a little bit of time to come out (growing pains-- remember they haven't even been open a week yet!), the sandwich was delicious.

Given the selection and quality of the food, and close proximity to our home, I can see this turning into quite the regular spot for us!!

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