Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Skin Survival

A few years ago, I did a little feature on beauty tips on Fox 8.

But since that was over a year ago, I feel like I'm due for an update. Here's what I'm using the winter to keep my skin soft and hydrated:

From left to right:
Julep Mint Condition pedi creme: I walk around barefoot. Which is so terrible in the winter, but its what I do. This smells delightful, and works wonderfully for daily wear. I usually put it on before bed and before workouts-- I once read that the heat from a workout helps the lotion get absorbed into your feet. I'm not sure its actually true, but it certainly doesn't hurt! *cruelty free
Lush Sympathy for The Skin: I do not say this lightly-- this is THE BEST body lotion ever. It smells like vanilla (you can see the flecks) and dessert, and it leaves your skin ridiculously soft. I've even gotten comments on how soft my skin feels. Even better: this product is vegan and not tested on animals! *cruelty free
Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint: This stuff spells sweet relief for my dry lips, and enhances the natural color of my lips. It looks different on every person, adapting to your own lip color. *animal testing language vague.
Swell Skin Miraculous Multi-tasker: This sea buckthorn oil is magical. Keeps my skin clear and hydrated, wrinkle-free, and also helps with accidental flat-iron burns. This smells a little "earthy" and is made locally, and is not tested on animals. *cruelty free

So there you have it-- my winter skin rescue arsenal. What are some of the beauty products that you're loving this season?

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