Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beach Day Essentials

Cleveland has no shortage of beaches. Whether you're east side or west side, there's are a series of options. My personal favorite (mainly because it is SO close to my home) is Edgewater Beach. This past weekend, I spent the day at the beach with Nick, Lisa, and Sean, and we had an absolute blast. I think I may have sighed with happiness and said "This is the life you guys" at least a dozen times. And it really was. Warm sunshine, cool breeze, no sharks….. it was so awesome that we're going to do it again.

So, as we approach another beach-worthy weekend, I wanted to round up my Top 5 Beach Day essentials:
1. A fun beach towel: The key here is that the towel is long enough that your feet aren't in the sand. Actually, for good measure I would probably recommend two: one to lay on and the other to dry off. Or a combo beach blanket + beach towel.
2. A cooler: You will get hungry, or thirsty, and you might as well take your own supplies. I prefer the cooler totes because they're just easier to carry. Ever try wheeling a hard sided big cooler in the sand? Its not fun.
3. Jams: You are going to want some music, but you don't want something that gets obnoxiously loud that your beach neighbors give you death stares. The Jambox is the perfect solution- it comes in two sizes, is extremely portable, and generates surprisingly high quality sound.
4. Sunblock: Usually, I'm under an umbrella, but I'm also a slave to sunblock. Just say no to skin cancer and wrinkles.

beach essentials

GANT beach towel

COOLA Suncare sun care

5. And last, but certainly not least, your friends: friends always make beach day that much more fun!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend sticking your toes in the sand!

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