Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Designer clothing

OMG you guys! Something happened to me yesterday, which is probably the most exciting retail experience I've ever had! My membership request to Rent The Runway was finally accepted!!!!!!!! If you're unfamiliar with RTR, essentially it allows you to rent designer clothing (and accessories) for 4-8 days for a small fee which is a fraction of the retail value of the outfit!!! Once you're accepted (oooooh, it sounds so exclusive!!), you go online, rent your fabulous outfit (you can pick an additional size for free), wear it, love it, bask in compliments, take lots of pictures of you in said fabulous outfit, and then return in a pre-paid envelope!!!

Rental prices range from $50-$200+, and you can rent Just Cavalli for $50 (retail value $800!!!!), or the Herve' Le'ger (sorry can't get the accents right) bandage dress for $150 (retail value $1,250!!!! for the one that Victoria Beckham is wearing below).

Seriously, HOW AWESOME IS RTR?!?!!? If you're looking for a membership referral, let me know via email or comments below (full disclosure: if you sign up using my referral, I get a $20 kickback when you place your first rental order). If celebrities can borrow fabulous outfits for the red carpet, there's no reason why you can't rent an outfit for the "red carpet" events in your life!!!

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