Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Otto!

My baby turned 2 today!! And boy, did he have a special day. He started the day with two new toys, had a super yummy dinner, got loads of treats, and had a little birthday party with his best friend Lexi.

Here were Otto's presents. I wish I could take credit, but these were all N's choices.

The Humanga Stache $12.95 at Moochie & Co


The Doggie Stogie Stick $9.95, also at Moochie & Co.

I absolutely LOVE the stache, its supposed to look like this:

Except that Otto absolutely REFUSES to put the ball in his mouth; he just goes for the handlebars instead!


melissa rose said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTTO!!!! Auntie Mel loves you! Hope mommy and daddy gave you some good steak bones (I know they did)!

Jenn Vojta said...

Happy Birthday, Otto!