Monday, December 13, 2010

Meat and Cheese

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My biggest gift challenge usually involves buying stuff for men. There's the usual golf stuff, or clothing, or sports-related gifts, but beyond that, I tend to have a harder time with men's gifts, and its partly due to a lack of options. I feel like women (a) have more shopping choices, and (b) generally like more stuff, so its almost a lot easier to buy women's gifts (for me, anyway).  When I'm thinking outside the box for men's gifts, I frequently turn to food (there's no reason you can't use this for women too!)...

This year, I combined one recepient's love for meat into a a gift that combined 3 lbs of bacon from the West Side Market (regular, pepper, and applewood smoked) with this fabulous book by Cleveland's own Michael Ruhlman, which teaches you to smoke your own meats at home (and has some great recipes that use smoked meats as ingredients). If you're not in Cleveland, or don't have a farmers market nearby, you can also buy bacon online here.

If your recipient is vegetarian, you could easily replace meat with cheese, using this book and cheese from the West Side Market, or a selection of European cheeses from Dean and Deluca.

Doesn't that look delicious?!?!?

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Alana said...

That's a great idea. My BF would love it.