Sunday, December 5, 2010

Plush tights: available locally

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been gone a while, but last week I developed a nasty cold, and pretty much my schedule turned to: work, sleep. The good news is that I kicked the cold, and I'm back!! If you're in Northeast Ohio, you've definitely gotten at least an inch or so of snow already, which makes this post timely, especially if you're a woman. I love wearing skirts and dresses with tights and boots in the winter, but around this time is when  I start to avoid tights, mainly because its miserably cold, and tights tend to be a little thin. Except for these ones:

Plush fleece-lined tights. Between $30-$35.
Available online and locally at B Lux Boutique and Evie Lou.

I can't even describe how much I luuuuuuuurrrrvveeee these tights. They're super cozy with the fleece lining, with the added benefit they are much more tear-resistant than other pairs. Extremely comfortable!! They come in the footed and footless versions, and I recommend you buy multiples. I bought mine in black and gray, and I'm certain I will snap up any more colors that become available. Since its the holiday season, I highly recommend picking up a pair for the women in your life, especially if they enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. It will be a much loved gift for sure!!!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Ooh. THANKS for blogging about these! Purchasing NOW.

Shelley said...

Thanks for the tip! My sister in wintery Colorado will love these, not to mention It will make me feel better when I buy a pair for myself as well... :)

Anonymous said...


I think I'm in love with those tights...

Allison M. said...

I have a pair myself and I vote the footed ones are better than the footless.

Have you been to B. Lux? My friends own it.

G said...

Field report:
Bought them at Evie Lou in Tremont. Love them. They are plush and thick and warm. Makes all the difference in the world when walking across the arctic wind blown Public Square in downtown CLE. I can't believe I was going barelegged before this!

To keep in mind: they are big, I'm not tall so even the S/M is too long for me because they don't stretch a ton like Hue tights. Even though they're too long it doesn't stop me from loving them.

Also, they're what I call 'commuting fashion gear'. For me they're going to be like a coat or mittens - something I put on to go outside and take off when I get to the office. For two reasons: 1.) they're really warm so your feet will sweat in them if you wear them at the office all day and 2.) since they're too big for me and so don't fit snuggly around the ankles I can't wear them with dress shoes.

Thanks for the heads up on these!! My knees thank you, too. : )