Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bath Candy

N and I have lived in our "somewhat" new place since April. We have a beautiful master bathroom, which includes this magnificent tub.

In which, I have taken ZERO baths!!!! Why, you might ask? Well, for one, I'm not big on baths. Second, I don't have the pretty fizzy things (aka bath bombs) that make your bath all delicious smelling!! A few weeks ago, I finally made it into the Lush store at Beachwood Place, and while I didn't end up buying anything, I did notice these:

At about $5 each, it would be an expensive bath, but oooooh, the indulgence!!! What about you? Do you enjoy long baths? Do pretty bath products make you more inclined to take one? Guys, it goes without saying that these would be a great gift for the woman in your life (including as a just-because gift. Serious bonus points for that one!).


Allison M. said...

let's talk about these bombs... I bought the sex bomb for the shower and it was a let down. It was gone quickly so I feel like the bath bomb might be better.

p.s. that is a sweet tub.

Alana said...

I'm definitely not a tub person. wait, we don't even have a tub in our master! hehe. that tub looks awesome though...buy some cheapies from Ulta or something to give it a whirl!