Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dim Sum in my Tum

A belated Happy Valentine's day to all of you who celebrated. If you follow me on facebook (which you totally should if you don't already), then you know that I spent last night eating Coffee and Donuts with N at Light Bistro in Ohio City.  Seriously, THE BEST DESSERT EVER (and I don't take say these things lightly). I highly recommend making a trip over even if its JUST for dessert.

What I haven't shared yet is what N and I did Sunday. We went to Dim Sum at Li Wah in the Asian Plaza! Li Wah serves Dim Sum everyday, but on Sunday's, its an extra special  authentic experience in that there's actually servers walking around with dim sum carts, and you essentially get to pick what you want. My favorite dishes are the pork-stuffed steamed buns and wonton soup. I don't know what they do to that soup broth, but it is MAGICAL! I will warn you that I don't think there are too many options if you're vegetarian, but if not, its a SUPERFUN brunch alternative on a Sunday. I have no pictures, so I guess you'll just have to go try it out yourself!!!


Sonya said...

This sounds absolutely amazing and it is making me very hungry!

Modern Musings said...

I keep meaning to head over there. Now I have too!