Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You're welcome Cleveland

As is my custom every year, I order a pair of new boots in February (for the record, I don't buy shoes in stores any more. Its way too time consuming and frustrating, and why bother with malls when you can just order online with free shipping and returns). Its usually because by this time in the winter, my boots are really beat up with the salt and slush. Also, there's usually some great deals on boots this time in the season. This year, I ordered my boots a little earlier in February than I normally do.

Merrell Spire Peak, piperlime

What I haven't told you is that usually, a week after my new boots arrive, the weather starts to warm up and soon and I can't wear my boots any more. My boots arrived today. You're welcome, Cleveland.


Unknown said...

I too buy boots in February and usually online. The great thing about most boots is they are a classic look that carry over from year to year. Tall black boots are always a great winter look.

Allison M. said...

I always try to buy boots in the spring too. So much cheaper!