Monday, May 16, 2011

PSYCLE: a new beginning

As I've mentioned before, I'm SUPER excited about the opening of the new spin studio PSYCLE in Westlake. The studio is hosting its grand opening on May 20th, between 7-9 pm with an open house. You will have the opportunity to check out the space, meet the instructors, sign up for lessons, and have a chance to win giveaways.

In preparation for the grand opening, I asked the founders Jenn, Scott, and Ed some questions on the studio and the philosophy behind the rides. So here goes:

1)      What prompted you to start PSYCLE?  
We’ve been riding for years and have literally changed our lives on a bike.  We started PSYCLE as a way to give back by creating an indoor cycling sanctuary that would help inspire others to transform their lives and manifest their dreams.  There’s nothing like PSYCLE in Cleveland and we are happy to be the first to deliver it to this market.

2)      How is PSYCLE different from spin classes offered elsewhere?
The rides at PSYCLE are so much more than just a workout.  Sure, you’ll sweat and change your body, but you do it by working from the inside out first and the physical change happens along with it.   Our instructors are taught to teach about the power of intention, how to create goals and work with focus and discipline to achieve them.  It’s about learning to take your personal power back and transform not just your body but change your whole life.

Consistency in class quality is another key difference at PSYCLE.  While all instructors will bring their individual personality, the fundamentals in the message, flow and energy will be consistent between all the instructors.

3)      Why should people try PSYCLE?
Anyone who isn’t finding total fulfillment in their life, from personal, career, family, money perspectives may benefit from PSYCLE.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, stay in shape, get in shape, work through a difficult emotional time in your life like the loss of a loved one or a divorce, you will find a safe harbor in PSYCLE.  By taking the time for you, participating in an active mediation and learning to create the life you’ve always wanted are the fundamental reasons to share in the experience of a PSYCLE class.

4)      What should a new student expect from class?
When you come into PSYCLE you will immediately notice the difference.  No judgment, all welcoming, great energy and friendly faces.  We celebrate the courage of new students beginning their journey and everyone will help you along the way.  The instructors will help you get set up on a bike and get settled.  Once the music starts, your role is simply to follow along to the rhythm.  You will get lost in the music and time will fly by.  When class ends, you should feel energized, empowered and ready to go create your day.

5)      Tell me about instruction style and differences between each of you:
We feel that consistency in the fundamentals of the classes are extremely important, but there are ways that the instructors personality will come alive in class.  Music selection is probably the most noticeable area of difference between instructors.  While the overall flow of class will be similar, the music used to create the rhythm will vary.  Some like more dance type music, others prefer popular music and some will rock it out!  We’ve made a significant investment in a dance club like sound system that will enable the riders to feel the beat (don’t worry, we provide free ear plugs for those with sensitive ears!)  We’ll even do some themed rides like 80’s or a certain artists.  Almost every single class will have a brand new playlist so you’ll never get bored hearing the same ride over and over again.

6)      Favorite song to ride to?
The founders certainly have signature songs that contain significant meaning and you’ll find each instructor has their own favorite.  Some examples include songs like Drive by Incubus and Fix You by Coldplay.  It’s not always so serious and we enjoy playing some hard driving songs from Linkin Park and cranking up the energy with some old school hip hop.
Editors note: If you ask nicely, they will even take requests. Adele is one of my favorite rides!!

7)      Details on opening and how people can reach you:
Our grand opening party will be held on Friday May 20th from 7-9pm at the studio (24945 Detroit Ave in Westlake – just off I-90 between Columbia and Clague).   People can visit to find details about classes, making reservations, and directions to the studio.  We also encourage people to like us on Facebook to get tuned into the dialogue among the riders and get the latest updates.

I hope you will check out the studio either on Friday or some time in the near future. It really is a fun experience, and if you end up going more frequently, you will meet a great group of people that enjoy riding together!! I hope to see you sweating on a bike real soon!!


Anonymous said...

Funniest thing i've ever read. "turn your life around from the inside out".....
owner has a bit of a drinking problem..yells at people to be quiet...plays music that drops the F bomb every few minutes......has been let go from other clubs for erratic behavior...and he's chubby....should call the place "Do as I say not as I do"..

CLEshopaholic said...

Dear Anonymous: certainly you are entitled to your opinion (as are the students that frequently attend and routinely sell out the class you're describing), but I find it interesting that you hide behind anonymity. I love hearing from my readers but I much prefer when they identify themselves. To each their own, I suppose.

Given your comment about the PSYCLE philosophy and the choice in music, I suspect PSYCLE is not the right studio for you. I hope you find a studio that fits what's you're looking for. Ride on!

Jenn Vojta said...

Great post, Shibani! I can't wait for the PSYCLE grand opening.

After riding with Jenn, Ed and Scott for nearly a year I realized it isn't just spinning I fell in love with but their philosophy.

On a weekly basis I'm pushing past my comfort zone and creating a positive change from the inside out. I am able to apply that change not only in class but in my daily life and for that I am truly thankful.

PSYCLE is so much more than a studio. "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family; Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Psycle is a place where riders are not judged. Obviously do you not fit into the "front row", actually, you don't even have a ticket to the theater.

Kristin said...

yah! I love PSYCLE!

Hallie said...

Great post Shibani!! I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

If I'm not judged , why can only certain people be in the front row?lol

Danielle said...

Awesome blog post Shibani! (Sorry I'm a little late on it!) And I definitely agree that everyone has different desires for a workout- there is a place for everyone. For me, it's Psycle! See you soon!!

kristie said...

Dear anonymous- ive never been to a spin class and I have no idea what front row means... but I DO know one thing. You're a pussy. If you're taking the time to critique or praise something online, the least you could do is grow a set and put your name down. Obviously your comment was a complete waste of time as not one person has given it any merit. It's clear you have had a bad experience and/or personal vendetta w/ said owner. You sound like a jealous, immature, uneducated teenager.

Jenn S said...

Now that the dust has settled I wonder to myself..."self, what does Anonymous have to say for HERself now?" I would like to clear one thing up from her earlier post as well...I am the sole owner of Psycle and last time I checked I didn't have a drinking problem! THANK YOU to all the FRB's and their friends for support of PSYCLE and all our PEEPS..You guys ROCKED it in 2011! ROCK.RIDE.LOVE.