Monday, August 3, 2015

Feels Like Vegas: FWD Day + NightClub

This past Friday, Cleveland welcomed its very first day and night club: FWD. Pronounced Forward, the club (as its name suggests) is open both during the day and at night so you can pretend that you're in Vegas and party all day.

Built on the east bank of the Flats, using shipping containers as focal points of its decor, FWD has a very open vibe. Nick and I stopped by on Sunday afternoon to briefly check it out.

My initial observations:

1. The space: Its not that big, but the layout gives the illusion of a lot of space. Lots of white distressed wood, and metal. The shipping containers and the bridges surrounding the property make for some amazing Instagram pics. The location on the water, and the amazing summer Cuyahoga sunsets make this worth visiting for that reason alone. That said, there is practically NO SHADE AT ALL. I wilt in the sun (for real, I break into a rash) so I absolutely could NOT spend all day there. Very bad things would happen to me. I'm told they're working on fixing this.

2. The music: Very dancy, very enjoyable, very Vegas. FWD has a selection of rotating guest DJs, and for the brief time I was there, I really did get into the music.

3. The dress code: I have not figured this out yet. Granted, I was there early in the afternoon, and there weren't too many people there yet, but the dress code was a mix of cute sundresses, some dress shorts, one woman in a bikini + stilettos. The bar staff (mostly women) are in bikini tops and skirts/ bottoms + coverups, but it seems like anything goes. Guys were mostly in shorts/linen pants.

4. The drinks:  You can order cocktails at the bar, but the credit card machine was glitching while we were there, and not having any cash, we didn't try any cocktails. If you want to sit at any of the spots pictures above, you need bottle service, which runs at $250-$300 for a bottle of vodka (as an example). You can reserve a space online, and if you're planning a visit on a Friday or Saturday night, they highly recommend making one in advance. They're experimenting with some minimums on very busy nights, but its all a work in progress for now. Remember that it only opened on Friday.

5. The pool: Yes, there is a pool. It is currently membership only, roped off, with a few cabana type loungers around it. It will be filled this week. I believe membership is $1300/year. Keep in mind that FWD is a seasonal space, so obviously you won't be able to access this in the dead of winter.

Overall, this is a great space and a new concept for Cleveland. I'm curious to see how the membership pool concept flies. I'm also very interested in getting together a group of friends and visiting for a night on the town! Who's with me?!

PS: Since I shamelessly used Tinashe's song as the title for my blog, I feel like I also need to share the song with you. Sing along.

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