Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finding The Right Foundation Garments

Foundation garments: The key to make sure your clothes fit well and look good on you. In layman's terms, underwear. However, the sad truth is that somewhere between 60-85% of women (based on the study) are wearing the wrong size. And, I am ashamed to admit, I am was one of those people.

While I understand the concept and importance of the right bra, the truth is bra shopping SUCKS. It is basically the WORST! And if you go to a big box undergarment retailer (ahem, Victorias Secret), they almost ALWAYS get the size wrong. Now you could go into a specialty store or Nordstrom, but UGH, who wants to go shopping for BRAS?!

A few weeks ago, I reached my limit with a particularly ill-fitting bra that was causing all sorts of issues with my shirt. Enter a well-timed Facebook ad for True & Co, promising a perfect fit and easy and free returns --- what did I have to lose?! I clicked through…

True & Co. starts your experience with a set of 15 quick questions about your current bra, no measuring tape necessary.

Once you've completed the survey (and signed up for a 10% off coupon (YAY!), they assign your boobs into categories based on your boob shape, not just size. And then, you're off to the races with your recommendations. Now anyone who has been bra shopping knows that no two brands are alike. A 34C in one brand is definitely NOT the same as a 34C across another. True & Co has figured out all the differences, so they suggest sizes that are brand specific. I quickly ordered 2, and waited.

A few days later, they arrived. I tried them on with baited breath (in the comfort of my own well-lit bedroom), and they fit. PERFECTLY! The quality is great (they are well known brands like Wacoal, Spanx and the like) and they come in basic and fun colors and textures. I've ordered more bras, and I wish I could tell you about the return policy, but they've all been so great that I haven't had to return a single one!

If you feel like your bra could fit better (maybe you feel like the straps are digging in, or there's a gap, or you have back fat bulges, or you've had a change in weight), I strongly recommend you take the True & Co survey. It will take you no more than 2 minutes (I promise), and will give you an idea of your perfect bra size. Even if you decide not to buy, at the very least, you will be armed with good information for your future bra purchases.

Who knows, maybe you will find the right bra that just makes your clothes look a little better, and make you even more polished and gorgeous than you already are!

Good luck, and treat your boobs right!

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