Monday, July 12, 2010

Exploring the Neighborhood: Prog Gastro Lounge

I have a rule: I don't cook on Friday and Saturday nights. N and I tend to end up eating in our old neighborhoods of Tremont and Ohio City, but this Saturday, we decided to try out Prog Gastro Lounge. Prog opened just five weeks ago, so its still definitely in its initial stages, but here are my thoughts: It has a really small menu, which is probably a good thing given that its so new. The food is very flavorful, but may be a little over-priced for the quantity. The bar area is cute, but the rest of it has a sorta schizophrenic decor- its a mix between budoir chic, retro diner, with some industrial accents thrown in too. There's a fun martini menu, but the bartender we had was VERY heavy handed with the simple syrup. I definitely had to add extra lime juice (sadly it was bottled, not fresh) to my gimlet, and even then it was on the sweet side.

Overall, I would probably go back again (ideally at a different time with a different bartender), but wait for them to iron out some of the kinks first.

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