Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kings of Leon

I'm starting to suspect that Lady Gaga may have ruined concerts for me forever. I'm starting to compare every concert to hers, which is obviously unfair, but I just can't help it. Case and point, the Kings of Leon concert on Monday night.

The singing was solid; they are really talented musicians, despite Caleb's cold. However, I would've liked more audience interaction; I mean, they didn't even mention Cleveland once!!!! I'm a firm believer that if you're putting on a concert, you HAVE to give a shout-out to your host city. Regardless, we had a great time, and also had some very amusing people watching, including the heavily intoxicated early-20-something-year-old woman who was falling asleep before the concert even began. I really hope her intoxication wasn't a result of Blossom's $10 beers (wow, talk about inflation!!); that would've been a pretty hefty tab!

You may notice my shorter-than-usual bangs. I had to have my super talented stylist Anna Goldstein at Dino Palmieri fix my bangs after I botched them while attempting to trim them myself. Note to self: DO NOT attempt to trim your own bangs regardless of how many YouTube videos convince you that you can do it. No good will come of it.

All said and done, Kings of Leon put on a good show. Not a great show, but certainly one that I would attend again. A big thank you to the Richness for driving! Here's my little tip for the next concert you attend at Blossom: buy the VIP parking. Its usually $15, and WELL worth it.  The VIP parking lots are the first to empty out, so you can stay through the encore, and not have to worry about being backed up in an hour's worth of parking-lot traffic! Especially when its a concert on a school night!!!

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