Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gone to lunch

In an attempt to be healthy, I usually take lunch to work. Sometimes I get really lazy about it, and can't get my act together enough to pack it either the night before, or even in the morning. Those are the days where I end up splurging on something unhealthy, that isn't even worth the calories.

Over the past two weeks though, I've been really good about taking my lunch to work. And I think it may have something to do with the fact that coincidentally enough, someone gifted me this:

$25 (regular price, although some pattersn are on sale) mini cooler, vera bradley

So here's what I like about this bag:
1. Seriously, how cute is this?! While I would probably never buy a printed handbag, a printed lunch bag is just PERFECT!
2. Its wide enough to hold gladware containers straight up. So no tipping over.
3. It can hold a bunch of cans of soda. Or beer. For when you're picnicing. Or whenever.
4. It has a little pouch in the front for utensils
5. Its insulated and washable (just wipe down) so you don't end up with stinky bags!
bonus: Environmentally friendly!!!! In that you don't have to use disposable bags.

So what do you typically do for lunch: go out? Grab stuff to-go? Brown bag?

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Allison M. said...

I try to pack my lunch everyday. You can waste so much money going out to each for lunch.