Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making it through the workday

My least favorite part of the weekend is Sunday night. After a fun weekend, its usually not as much fun to look forward to the workweek. Except if you have something to really look forward to on Monday. Sometimes Monday is fun because I've bought a new pair shoes or a new outfit, or a fun piece of jewelry over the weekend. But lately, I've actually been looking forward to the workweek; and I owe it all to an iPhone app.

I listen to music ALL DAY. And since I'm not allowed to stream it on my computer at work, I stream on my iPhone. Yes, I'm one of those "superusers" who are the reason that AT&T went to limited data access (good thing I still benefit from the old plan). One of my favorite new apps is iRadioUK ($0.99) which is basically a compilation of UK radio stations. I luuuuuurrrrveee British accents. Its the reason I watch Hugh Grant movies even though he's largely a crap actor. Anyway, one of my favorite stations is 95.8 Capital One Radio, which is basically Top 40 (essentially the same stuff as on our radio stations with some other stuff in there) with a British accent. SWOON!!!! So, if you like pop music (I'm not even ashamed to admit I like it) and British accents, you should definitely give it a listen. If it makes your workweek better, its definitely worth the $0.99.

So what gets you out of bed on a Monday morning (your alarm and dogs don't count : ))

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seanski said...

I agree on the Sunday night blues.

What gets me out of bed? The shower. It's another place to relax, think and rejuvenate.