Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am certainly not the first person to try this, but I am so FRICKING excited about this, I just haaaaaaaavvveeee to tell you about it. I first read about Shellac manicures at All Laquered Up and decided that I just absolutely had to try it myself. So two weeks ago, clefoodgoddess decided to test it out at Revelations Salon and Spa in Lakewood. It.was.everything.i.thought.it.would.be.

Seriously, it lasted two whole weeks without chipping, and besides the fact that my actual nail has grown, you can't tell it was done two weeks ago. It doesn't damage your actual nail, and is super easy to remove!! The only negative is that there's not a whole lot of colors to choose from, but the ladies doing our manicure told us that Revelations will soon be receiving a competing nail system that will have over 50 colors! Of course, at $37, the shellac manicures are almost double the price of a regular manicure, but given that it lasts two weeks, I'd say its worth every penny!!!!


Tina said...

So...I've heard that it's hard on your nails when you take it off....better than fake nails, but still bad. Will you keep us posted on what happens?

I think there is a soak you can pay for at the salon to get it off, but that the acetone is still really, really hard on nails, especially if you have brittle nails.

Anyway...keep us posted!

CLEshopaholic said...

Ok, so I was told that my removal options were
(a) have it done professionally
(b) soak cotton in acetone, wrap over nail, cover with aluminium foil for 10 minutes.

I chose the not-recommended option
(c) pick them off.

So, I did have some nail damage, but caused by me picking (c) more than anything else. That said, it wasn't anything a nail file and buffer didn't fix.