Sunday, October 24, 2010


This past Friday, N and I attended the Fifth Annual Muttsquerade, hosted by Secondhand Mutts. I know I've talked about them a few times on this blog, but I have a massive soft spot for homeless puppies, what can I say?

Secondhand Mutts was founded by Becca Riker, who is also the owner/founder of The Mutt Hutt (which just named one of Cleveland's Best by Cleveland Magazine), where Otto and Clair go play every week. Secondhand Mutts is operated out of The Mutt Hutt, and as a result, all the pups that are placed through the organization are temparement tested to get along with other dogs. They've placed hundreds of dogs since their inception, but sadly, the flow of dogs needing homes never stops.

Friday night's Muttsquerade is one of the fundraising events for Secondhand Mutts, and gives Mutt Hutt parents an opportunity to check out the facility, meet the staff, and see where and how the puppies play. It was a super crazy but crazy fun time!! We had a chance to meet some of the adoptable puppies, and they are the sweetest things (I spent some time with Lloyd, Hambone, and Philbert: super cute, super friendly and snuggly! I got lots of kisses). If you're in the market for a puppy, I hope you will consider adopting from Secondhand Mutts.

As one might expect, there were lots of dogs in costume, one of my favorites being the "medival knight". Obviously, I have video:

Hope you have a great week!!

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