Monday, October 18, 2010

Puppies in Costume

So this past Saturday, I took Otto and Clair to the Spooky Pooch Parade in Lakewood. N  absolutely REFUSES to let me put the puppies in costume, so we just watched the event, although Clair tried to get herself in the parade a few times! However, Otto and Clair's new friend Sadie was in costume, looking absolutely adorable (if not a little apprehensive)

If you would like to get Sadie's jockey costume for your pooch, you can find it here.

The puppies were so ridiculously cute, I just have to share video with you:

Are you dressing your pet up for Halloween? What is he/she going to be?


Bite Buff said...

I always want to go to the parade! It sounds so cute. I have certainly dressed my yorkipoo up a few times for Halloween, but not this year.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I loooove the jockey costume!