Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Designing my Home: The bedroom

So, N and I have lived in our "new" place for almost two years. It may surprise you to know that its taken me this long (and lots of Pinterest inspiration) to finally make some decisions on how I want to decorate our bedroom. Our walls are a grayish brown, and this time, N let me pick the rest of our colors!! Although, I'm not sure he was quite prepared for this:

Organic Cotton pintuck duvet cover in Light Amethyst, courtesy West Elm

So I've decided that our bedroom is going to be in shades of purple and white!!  The duvet cover and our new down comforter (Thanks Mom and Dad for our Christmas present) arrived late last week. Wow. It is SO ridiculously comfortable, that I've not only been sleeping like a baby, but I've been finding it even harder than normal to wake up in the morning!! ACK!! Unintended side effects. LOL. Seriously though, I absolutely LUUURRVEE our new bedding! Now I can't wait to tackle other rooms in our house!!

What's your next re-design project? 


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Pretty! Cozy bedding totally makes waking up tougher.

Sonya said...

pinterst is amazing!

Allison M. said...

Jesus, we have the same taste! I want that duvet in white or in soot.

Cozy Earth said...

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