Sunday, August 29, 2010

This weekend in CLE: Taking it easy before a big end-of-summer weekend!

This weekend was an a-typical summer weekend for N and I. Despite a number of events, N & I had early nights all weekend, and spent a lot of time relaxing...

Friday night, N and I had a craving for some sunnyside pizza, and went over to Bier Mrkt to indulge in it. This is my absolute favorite pizza. EVER!!  Thin crust pizza, no sauce, 3 over medium eggs, pancetta, parmesan and black pepper. It sounds wierd, but if you like breakfast, you'll LOVE this pizza. We even ran into the lovely JV, which only made the evening better!

Saturday afternoon, N & I went over to Mentor Beach Park for Adam and Tessa's wedding celebration party! I'd never been there before, but its a beautiful spot.

Look at this amazing view!!

This would probably be a great spot for a fall clambake!!! (P.S. I love clambakes. If anyone knows of any Cleveland restaurants having one, please let me know!)

The puppies woke me up SUPER early on Sunday, so after walking them, I decided to be productive and get my grocery shopping done early. I usually HATE grocery shopping; its crowded, the lines are insanely long, an all-over unpleasant experience. Turns out, the trick to pleasant grocery shopping on a Sunday is getting there before 9:00 am! There were maybe 12 customers in the store, and absolutely no lines!!! After a barbeque Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Prosperity Social Club to celebrate Sarabot's birthday! I picked up a fabulous vintage owl pendant for Sara (which also doubles as a magnifying glass!!) but unfortunately I don't have a picture for you.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!! I can't wait for Friday already; its going to be another great weekend filled with cookouts, and the air show! Too bad it means the summer is over, but the fall means clam bakes, apple picking, hot chocolate, and most importantly, FOOTBALL!! GO BROWNS!

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sarabot said...

You are a fantastic gift giver! I'll be sure to send you a pic when I wear it. Thank you again!