Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eating across Cleveland: Danny Boys and Latitude 41N

Wow, it was a busy weekend. First of all, a big congratulations to N and his fellow grad students at Kent State's Architecture Program for graduating!! YAY!!!!

Friday night N and I took it easy; he's been exhausted from finishing his project, so we decided to try Danny Boy's for dinner. Danny Boy's was a reccomendation I received from my pizza poll back in May, and it lived up to expectations. Its a super cute restaurant, cute in the kitschy sense, but charming nonetheless.

Its a Rat Pack theme, so lots of Frank playing in the background. I enjoyed our order; we ordered a Cleveland pizza, which is a New York style crust, but topped Chicago style, with the sauce on top. N prefers his pizza less saucy, but it was a delicious pie. The bottom of the crust was perfectly crisp, and the sauce was a spicy/sweet style. The portions are HUGE. Since we knew that going in, we split the Buffalo chips (kettle chips smothered in buffalo sauce and cheese--- DELISH), salad and pizza, and stil had leftover pizza. I think my favorite part of the meal was the bread that came with the salad; it was like a pillowy cloud of goodness!!! btw, if you're trying to be healthy, forget about Danny Boy's. Its very much a cheat-day meal.

Sunday morning, N and I went to Latitude 41N for brunch. First impression: it reminds me of the former Buzz coffee shop in Oxford, Ohio (if Buzz had served food. RIP Buzz, I loved hanging out at your smoky tables). You go up and order and pay at the counter, and seat yourself. When your food is ready, they yell out your name and bring your order up to you. N ordered the Chicken and Waffles, while I ordered the Left Coast Omelet. Both were delicious. Incidentally, N is on the hunt for the best Chicken and Waffles in Cleveland, so your recommendations are much appreciated. So far he's tried them at South Side and Touch.

As you can see, I've been completely unhealthy this weekend, and I'm paying for it now. Its time to get back to healthy eating, at least until Thursday, when N and I go to Jimmy Buffet!!!

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