Sunday, April 11, 2010

Couch! Chaise!

Last year, N and I inadvertently ended up having to buy a whole lot of furniture following the Great Fire of 2009. (I will tell you the story another time, but the short version is; our apartment burned down last year and we had to replace almost 90% of our stuff, good thing we had renter's insurance). It was We spent a ridiculous number of weekends driving around Cleveland looking for furniture that we both liked and was within our budget!

In any case, our new home needs more stuff than we currently own. We decided to stop in at Design Union; wow, furniture shopping was a completely different experience from last year. I really wish I'd known about it then! If you're in the market for furniture, and your style tends towards Crate & Barrel -esq, you definitely need to check out Design Union. WARNING: It is going out of business, and will be closing its doors forever in June/July 2010, so you have limited time. The upside is, there are some ridiculous deals to be had! N and I picked out 5 pieces in under 45 minutes! I can't wait for delivery day!!!

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