Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy for Concerts

One of my favorite things about the Spring and Summer are the abundance of concerts in Cleveland. with so many great venues like Blossom, the Q, Wolstein Arena, and Tower City Ampitheatres (and those are just the large arenas), its hard to go wrong. Over the past couple of years, I've tried to make it to at least 3 concerts a year.

Last year I went to:
Flight of the Conchords with N and butnoteveryday: This concert was soooooooooooo much fun! If you don't know who they are, you should check out the DVD's of their HBO show

No Doubt: This was girls night with Jess and clefoodgoddess. GWEN IS SO FRICKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I would definitely go to this one again

Jimmy Buffet: In Pittsburgh, for the second year in a row, with N and Jon

This year, my concert schedule is filling up very quickly:

This Saturday, N and I are going to see The Roots at Playhouse Square. You can go ahead and diss them for being Jimmy Fallon's house band, but I don't care- I still LOVE them! And, they were the first concert that N and I ever went to, way back when he lived in NYC (Sidebar: that was also the first time I ever had Gatorade. I know, I grew up in a different country. We didn't have Gatorade). Anyway, after the concert, The Roots drummer Questlove, will be spinning at B-Side in Coventry; You should come join us!

In July, AJP and I are going to see Lady Gaga!! OMG, I can't wait for GAGA!! I was supposed to see her in January in Connecticut, but that was around the time of her whole dehydration situation, so she cancelled. I was really bummed, but the fact that she's going to be in Cleveland more than makes up for any prior disappointment!

Then, shortly after the second anniversary of my 29th birthday, a whole group of friends (including clefoodgoddess and fiance) are going to see Kings of Leon. And of course, N and I are making are annual pilgrimage to the Land of Margharitas and Parrots. There are a few more concerts that I would LOVE to go to (Jack Johnson, She&Him, John Mayer (only if I have free tickets)), but I have to cut myself of somewhere!

Looks like its going to be a busy summer, musically speaking. Now, if only Black Eyed Peas would come to Cleveland...


Sonya said...

I love John Mayer!! I've seen him twice in concert already but I would totally see him again!!

CLEshopaholic said...

I do like his music, but after his whole Twitter/interview shenanigans, I think he's a bit of a jacka**. I don't know that I would pay to go see him, but if someone were to give me free tickets, I wouldn't turn them down : )

Sonya said...

I agree but then again these day's I feel like there aren't many celebs that don't do some sort of jacka** thing. I go for the music!