Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Gilt-y

Earlier this year I was introduced to Gilt, which was simulatenously the best and worst thing anyone has ever recommended to me. Best, because its so awesome; worst, because I really don't need more avenues to shop. If you're unfamiliar with Gilt, its a member's-only site that features "sample sales" by well known designers. The stuff they offer is extremely high quality and extremely discounted (compared to retail), and includes designers like Alexander McQueen, Furla, Donna Karan, Judith Ripka, just to name a few. Here's the best part; not only do they offer clothing, jewelry and accessories for women, but they also feature a full selection of items for men, children, and home. They also do vacations, but I'm frankly unfamiliar with how those work. If you would like to join and you're looking for a membership referral, email me with your email address, and I will send you an invite (its really not that exclusive, you could probably just sign up yourself, but I'm happy to invite you if it will be easier. Full disclosure: if you buy something, I will get a $25 credit, so there's something in it for me too : ))

Here's the pros and cons:
Pro: One-of-a-kind designer merchandise
Pro: deep discounts
Pro: they  have an app so you can log on wherever you are
Pro: high quality stuff
Pro: you will look absolutely fabulous in anything you buy
Pro: excellent customer service
Pro: free returns (please check return policy on individual items)

Con: shipping charges. There is no free shipping
Con: stuff sells out quickly. And I mean REALLY quickly. The sales usually begin at noon, and if its a hot designer, they could be sold out by 12:30. SO, either stay at your desk at noon, or use your iPhone/iPod Touch app.
Con: if you're looking for overnight delivery, its not going to happen. Each sale has a different time horizon, and they're really good about letting you know approximate delivery dates. But, if you're looking for somewhat instant gratification, you should probably use another website.

N and I are in home-decorating mode and were lucky to fine this awesome candelabra ($44) and cocktail shaker ($26).

Oooh, I can't wait to have an extra-dirty martinis with extra olives by candelight!

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