Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I've never met a woman that doesn't like shoes. NEVER. (Do they even exist?) After a college phase that involved NUMEROUS pairs of black shoes, I've used the past few years to branch out across the rainbow. Since N and I are moving to our new home soon (yay! homeownership!), I've been sorting through my shoe collection in an effort to trim it down. See, N and I are going from separate closets, to sharing a walk-in, which while being well designed, is a little small. So far, I've brought myself to donate 3 pairs; pretty good, I thought. And then, I "accidentally" found these beauties...

Nine West Karoo, available at

Reasons I luuurve these:

1. They're RED!!!!! Bright, candy apply red!!!!

2. Platform under the footbed= heels that feel like flats

3. Ridiculously comfortable

Although, I will warn you, if you're going to be walking on slippery tile, you should probably have a non-skid sole added.

I guess we're just going to have to buy more shoe racks....

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