Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Saw it on TV!

You're up late one night/early on a weekend, and you turn on the TV. Next thing you know, you've been hypnotized and lost a half hour of your life. You know its happened to you- YOU've been sucked in by the As Seen on TV commercials!!!

Its pretty incredible if you think about it; seriously, how many commercials can you think of that can inspire a whole range of reactions?
Laughter: Shake Weight, anyone?
Disgust: Ped Egg. Seriously. Foot shavings are gross. No one wants to see that.
Amazement: Jack LaLanne's juicer. How old is that guy? How can he do so many push-ups? Is that a magic juicer?

Also, why does it seem like the host is yelling at you, and why can't you stop watching?!

I've been known to fall under the spell of As Seen on TV; last year I asked for and received The Slanket. I also own the Topsy Turvy and the Magic Bullet, and I'm currently obsessed with the Sham Wow, the Salad Blaster, and the Perfect Brownie Maker! So what's your As-Seen-On-TV guilty pleasure?

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