Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reviewing the Compassion from Fashion Event

Remember when I blogged about the Compassion from Fashion Event? Well, it happened on Saturday, and I attended with the contest winner Jess. It was a really fun evening, and most of the stores offered special discounts just for the event. There was a fashion show (that we missed), and food stations catered by Maggiano's: my favorite was the antipasto station- I seriously LLLUUURRRVVVEEE roasted veggies!!!

I had planned to make some progress with my Christmas shopping, and, to be honest, I was pretty successful!! I still have a lot to do ofcourse, but I was happy with my start. It should come as no surprise that I did a little shopping for myself, and of course, it included a couple of J.Crew sweaters (OBSESSION!). But, beyond my sweaters, my favorite purchase from Saturday was these beauties:

That said, I REALLY need to focus, and stop doing my usual "one for you, two for me" holiday shopping routine!! Do you end up buying more stuff for yourself during the holidays than you do presents?!


Bite Buff said...

Yes, went shopping this weekend and only picked up things for myself. Oooops!

heisschic said...

ya know- i've never had this problem before, but i went window shopping to get "inspired" for christmas shopping, and came home without inspiration and WITH a beeauutiful new bracelet. for me.

eh well- maybe i'll feel more Christmas-y after Thanksgiving.

Tina said...

All you have to do is have your siblings buy their own presents and vice versa. At Christmas, my brothers always ask me what they got for me...this year is new ski boots :)

It totally solves the problem of getting something you probably don't want AND it's never a problem to overspend on yourself, right?