Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I could almost be a farmer. Almost.

So, as I mentioned on Sunday, today was the Tremont Farmer's Market. The bad news is that I didn't get there until after 6, by which time some of the stalls had run out of stuff, but the good news is that I did get at least part of what I was looking for! Let's take a look at a photographic documentary of my evening:

Yay! Look at all the tents! There was a folk-sy live band playing too!

Another look at the stalls, specifically the candy stall on the left (in red) and the spice stall on the right. This spice stall is AMAZING! He has a ridiculous number of exotic spices, for $1 each!

Otto loves the Tremont Farmers Market. Its a puppy party!!!

I picked up 4 basil plants ($ 3 each) for my new planters (thanks Jess and DBB!) Otto is very curious about these smelly green things, that's his head on the right.

Inspired by the farmer's market, I decide that its time for me to go home and take care of my own garden.

Step 1. Transplant $1 tomato seedlings to Topsy Turvy. The seedlings are the green thread-like things that you can barely see.

The Topsy Turvy. Ready to sprout tomatoes. Its ridiculously heavy!

Step 2: Convert this.....

... to this!

Carefully transplant basil...

Get curious puppy away from basil, and water the new transplants.

I can't wait for all my veggies to grow!! I almost have all the ingredients to make caprese salad fresh from my own garden!!!!!

If you missed the Tremont Farmers Market, its back again next Tuesday, from 4-7.

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