Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Dog

First off, you were probably expecting a post last night/this morning, but I went to spin class last night, which kicked my a**, and then I fell asleep to the CAVS game. Too bad it wasn't just a nightmare. But, in any case, I'm back. And, I may be addicted to spinning. I'm going again Saturday at 7:30 am. Who wants to join me?!

Its no secret that Otto is spoiled. He's my furry child, and I spoil him. Especially when he's sick. And he's been under the weather for the past week. One of my favorite things to get him as a special treat is something from the American Kennel Club line of toys. Otto LUUUUUUUUUURRVES these toys; maybe its because he thinks he's chasing a real animal? He got a goose today; and making his blog video debut, here's Otto playing with his goose.

P.S. If you have no plans on Friday, don't forget to check out the Tremont Art Walk. Check out my great finds from last month

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CLEshopaholic said...

It was pointed out to me today, that I did not give appropriate credit to the person that coined the "Furry Child" phrase, where it applies to my relationship with Otto. So, thank you BL, for introducing me to that phrase : )